Zone Four Gardening: 36 Plants Perfect for Growing in Your Zone

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Are you trying to decide which fruits and vegetables should you plant in your garden this year?

Not feeling overly confident that anything will do well in your planting zone?

If you’re located in planting zone four, you’re in luck. I’m going to bring you a list of fruits and vegetables which should grow well in your area.

Also, I’m going to give you a few basic gardening tips to help you find greater success in your garden this year.

Curious what will grow well in your area and how to get items to grow better in your area? Here’s what you must know:

Zone Four Gardening Tips

The best thing you should know when gardening in planting zone four, beyond fertilizing and watering skills, is how to give yourself a longer growing season.

Since this is still a relatively cold area, your growing season isn’t as long as other places. Therefore, you must find ways to give your fruits and vegetables the necessary time they need to produce.

Your first option is to construct a greenhouse. If you choose a cold-frame style greenhouse, this will give you the opportunity to begin growing items early and protect them from the frost to help them have a longer period for harvest.

However, if you choose to go with a heated greenhouse, this would allow you to produce certain vegetables year-round.

You could even choose to grow dwarf fruit trees as part of your container garden and move them in and out of a heated greenhouse as the weather permits if you choose to grow fruit trees which wouldn’t normally do well in your area.

The next option is to use raised garden beds. These beds will thaw faster than the earth around them, and they’re easier to work with.

Raised garden beds make life easier on your back and also give you a smaller area to work with which makes amending your soil and thawing the soil a little easier too.

Also, however you choose to grow a garden, plant either north to south or south to north. This will give the plants the maximum amount of sunlight during the day. This is important when you grow in a colder climate.

Lastly, whether you use a greenhouse or not, remember to start your seeds indoors to give them time to germinate and sprout prior to planting. This will give your crops a head start whenever possible.

This will allow you to transplant seedlings, which can give you a month or more of grow-time which won’t have to be accounted for outdoors.

Fruits and Vegetables to Grow in Zone Four

There are a variety of fruits and vegetables which will grow well in zone four throughout the growing season. Here are the plants you should consider for zone four gardening:

1. Cherries cherry treecherry tree

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