39 Drought-Tolerant Plants for a Gorgeous Garden Even on Arid Zones

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Do you live in an area where rain is scarce? Does this make you feel like you can’t have a beautiful garden, except perhaps applying a specialized form of gardening, such as hügelkultur?

Well, you’ll be happy to know there are other options for having a stunning garden, such as planting with drought-tolerant plants. Are you curious to know what these plants are?

You’re in the right place. I’ll be bringing you a variety of different plants which do well when receiving little water.

There are plants for almost every planting zone on this list. Surely, you’ll find something which fits you.

Here are your options for drought-tolerant plants:

1. Portulaca

Portulaca is an annual plant which grows in gorgeous bunches. If you desire a drought tolerant plant which will also provide color, this could be what you need.

If you’re concerned this plant could be out of your realm because you live in a sunny and hot climate, you’re wrong. Portulaca does better when planted in full sun and with higher temperatures.

2. Coneflower

Are you tired of planting seeds every year? This plant will sow its own seeds at the end of the season, in most cases.

Also, if you have poor quality soil, coneflowers could be a great option. They grow well in any soil as long as its well-draining. Coneflowers also grow best in zones three through nine.

3. Catmint

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